N40305A001webAmy Greenleaf Brassert RSW has over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist.  In 2003, while living in Seattle, Amy decided to add coaching to her practice: more specifically Relationship Coaching.  She describes herself as a “Relationship Re-combobulator”.  Just like the place in the airport where you go after security to re-assemble yourself after being discombobulated by the security process, her role is to help people “re-assemble” their relationships in new, creative and innovative ways that support health and growth.

Amy believes friendships are crucial to our mental, physical and emotional health. Amy moved from Boston to Seattle and Seattle to Toronto and she knows the importance of friendships, near and far, to survive and thrive through these and other life transitions. Amy believes that strong, flexible friendships allow us to grow and change.

You can learn more about Amy by visiting her website at

ruth_homeRuth Tamari is a certified life coach whose practice focuses on the opportunities created by transitions. For over 25 years, she has helped people to navigate health, lifestyle, career, retirement and life stage transitions.

Oftentimes transitions impact our friendships; we realize the importance of friends during transitions, we find it challenging to make new friends as we get older or go through a transition. And friendships themselves move through their own transitions and periods of personal growth.

Ruth’s background blends counselling psychology, gerontology, and life coaching for a holistic, preventative, and proactive approach to wellbeing and transformation. Please visit for more about Ruth.

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